Banding is created by superimposing one finish upon another, using identical or contrasting finishes, or the carefully controlled application of a colourwash. Blockwork creates the ultimate in faux stone effects, but without the weight or thickness of natural stone. The texture and tone can be varied from block to block, reflecting the natural variations found in stone walls. The Panel technique uses bands and a combination of finishes, and provides an elegant effect, suited to both large and smaller areas, and lending a sense of stature to the room.

Application of corporate logos and graphic designs demands the highest standards of plasterwork and detail. Armourcoat is the recognised leader in this field, having developed special techniques for logo inclusion and surface design application. Circular Columns or Curves give the appearance of polished stone at a fraction of the cost. Even large columns can appear totally seamless, as if cut from a single vast lump of stone.